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Simplify Pro

For Companies

Simplify Pro offers an ultimate digital business card solution designed to cater companies of all sizes. With Simplify Pro, you can elevate your business networking and customer engagement to new heights through a wide range of powerful features.


Companies Features

Explore the exclusive features tailored for businesses with Simplify Pro.

Effortless Team Management

Distribute and update contact information seamlessly within your organization, ensuring consistent and real-time communication with clients and partners.

Data-Driven Insights

Monitor views, shares, and engagement metrics to measure the impact of your digital business cards, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance your professional connections.

Admin Controls

Ensure uniform data and prevent unauthorized modifications.

Integration with CRM systems

our CRM system can be integrated with other CRM systems and contact management software (if requested). Effortlessly manage and organize all your contacts in a single, convenient location.

Custom domains

Stand out with a custom domain and subdomain! create a unique online identity with your very own custom domain, reflecting your brand's personality and professionalism.

SEO tools

Boost your online presence with our powerful SEO tools! Our suite of cutting-edge SEO tools empowers you to optimize your info for search engines


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