The CarbonDrive Kit

The CarbonDrive Kit


Carbon Fiber Card

Color: Black

Customized option: uv printing

Phone Sticker

Customized Option: UV Printing

Simplify Key Fob

Color: Branded

Simplify Tag

Color: Branded


Carbon fiber card: Make a statement with our high-end carbon fiber card. Crafted from premium materials of carbon fiber, it showcases the durability of stainless steel while maintaining the lightness of plastic. The natural carbon fiber pattern creates a beautiful light reflecting illusion that adds dimension and beauty to the card.

Phone sticker: It’s an epoxy sticker, NFC chip embedded inside with waterproof effect, that works with any smart phone. You can put it on the back of your smartphone or phone case as another way to impress your new connections.

Simplify Key fob: It’s an NFC black key fob, made of PVC, with an NFC chip embedded inside, centered by Simplify logo using the Pantone color (or the Tiffany Blue) which is an icon of elegance and sophistication.

Simplify tag: It’s an NFC sticker that works with any smart phone, you can put it on the back of your smartphone, or on your desk in your office, your laptop, etc… It can be attached to any surface as another way to impress your clients where they can tap their phone and receive your information.

Additional information

Phone Sticker


Black, Blue, Silver, White


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