24k Gold Card

24k Gold Card


Color: Mirror Gold engraving black

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This exclusive card is made with 24k gold and has been precision-engineered using CNC technology to enhance its durability.
A 24k gold plated metal sheet and a thin PVC backing are sandwiched over an NFC chip to create our high-end VIP card. The PVC backing makes it easy for your NFC signal to be sent, while the 24k gold front offers your card a more upscale appearance of luxury, confidence, prosperity and success.
Feel free to adjust your design to suit your preferences, or you can skip this step and our design team is at your disposal to customize your card the way you want in order to create a unique design that reflects your business, lifestyle and embolies luxury. Therefore, we recommend the laser engraving technique for customizing this special card.
Make a statement with our exclusive VIP 24k gold card and start impressing your network!

Purchase our VIP digital business card and enjoy a wealth of complimentary items, including:
o Phone sticker
o Simplify Key fob
o Simplify tag
o Subscription 2Y for free
o Access to Simplify 24klub
o Invitations to private events
o Exclusive Gifts & Promotions
Elevate your networking experience with added perks!


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